Industry Sectors

To enhance the Development Authority's effectiveness in terms of marketing, business attraction and existing industry programs, resources are focused on several key business clusters including metal fabrication, food processing, rail car services and forest products.

These sectors were determined based on several factors including location, growth trends, diversification, wages, skills, new-economy orientation, growth potential, and most importantly, workforce.

Metal Fabrication

Highly skilled workers, available industrial land, and multiple transportation options make Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County the perfect location for any industry that is highly reliant on metal fabrication. Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County also boasts a future workforce that is taking advantage of training with the Ben Hill County School System and Wiregrass Georgia Technical College in areas to meet the needs of this industry sector.

Food Processing

Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County is proud to be called home by American Blanching/Golden Boy Foods, Protein Plus, MANA Nutrition, and Polar Beverage. Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County is prepared to meet all workforce, infrastructure, and location needs of any food processing related business looking to relocate to Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County. With 2.5 mgd excess capacity for waste water treatment and approximately 3.5 mdg of excess water capacity, Fitzgerald is poised to meet the demands of future food processing prospects.

Rail Car Services

Home to both GBW Railcar Services and VLS Recovery, who specialize in the refurbishing, repair, and cleaning of America's rail fleet, Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County are a regional leader in the rail industry and are constantly assessing efforts to leverage this strength.  As an important stop on the CSX mainline that ties Atlanta and north Georgia to the ports of Savannah, Brunswick, and Jacksonville, Fitzgerald is also home to over 200 CSX trainmen.  The railroad industry has long played a vital role in our economic development success and will continue to do so long into the future. 

Forest Products

From utility poles, to veneer products, to lumber, to agricultural bedding products, to planting and harvesting, Fitzgerald is a regional force in the forestry industry.  Being located in a region with millions of acres of planted pine plantations, there is no doubt a solid supply of natural resources to have success.  Coupled with the proper infrastructure, work force, and other resources needed to be profitable, Fitzgerald's forestry industries provide a solid foundation of regional employment and ensure that the community will continue to meet domestic and global needs for wood products.