Existing Industry

We're proud of those that have chosen our community as a place to conduct business and firmly believe the key to continued success in economic development and job growth within the region begins with providing support and assistance to our valued existing industries.

With Georgia being named the #1 State for Business again in 2015, the environment for job growth and industrial expansion is ripe both on a local and state level.  Though Georgia is a leading recruiter in the nation, studies show that approximately 85% of new job growth comes from our existing business and industry.   Therefore, it is with pride that we work each day to meet the needs of our existing industrial base.  

With a goal of creating a healthier economy and more vibrant community, we realize the overall importance our existing industry to our community.  Each day we work hard to maintain and strengthen our relationships with the business owners, plant managers, and employers in our community and their employees. We actively and aggressively work to assist existing industry with opportunities that have potential to improve efficiencies and profitability.