Arts & Tourism

When Gallup and the Knight Foundation completed a three-year study to answer the question “What attaches people to their communities,” researchers found the key reasons cited by residents for loving their cities were entertainment and social offerings, their city's aesthetics and its friendliness — in other words, the arts and culture. Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County have much to offer.

Arts Council

The Fitzgerald-Ben Hill Arts Council strives to make the arts accessible, affordable, and available to all people in Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County. By offering classes and events ranging from children’s art camps to adult art classes, festivals, and concerts throughout the year. The Arts Council continuously proves to be a vital part of the community. 

Blue and Gray Museum

Located in a renovated railroad depot, the Blue and Gray Museum is home to over 1200 different artifacts that reveal the remarkable founding story of Fitzgerald and its relationship to the Civil War.

Paulk Park

Home to a beautiful 10-acre lake, campground facilities, and a wonderfully renovated depot, Paulk Park is perfect for any event. Adorned with beautiful landscapes and views, Paulk Park is a true reflection of the beauty found in South Georgia.

Grand Theatre

This 1936 Art Deco facility is unlike any other. As Fitzgerald’s only movie theatre, the Grand is truly like stepping back in time. The Grand Theatre shows both classic and newly released movies.  In addition to being a prime venue for concerts, plays, productions, and other events within Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County, the theatre is the proud home of an historic 1926 3-manual/18 rank Barton Theatre Organ. In 2016, economic development efforts provided funding for the Grand Theatre to install digital capabilities ensuring that the Grand will continue to play a prominent role in the quality of life enjoyed within the community.